Space Maintainers

What is a space maintainer?

A stainless steel crown is like a special metal ring for the tooth. Sometimes, for adult teeth to come in, there needs to be space between two of the baby teeth.

The magic ring goes around the teeth, creating a force field between the teeth. As long as you keep the magic ring clean, the force field will be strong, allowing your adult teeth to come in. Once your adult tooth takes the place of the force field, we will remove the magic ring.

Where are space maintainers used?

Space maintainers are like superhero rings for teeth and are often used between teeth to help your adult teeth have space so they grow in the correct area.

a.) Using x-ray vision, we are able to see where the adult teeth are below the baby teeth.
b.) If a baby tooth is sick and needs to be removed, Dr. Dan may use a space maintainer to maintain the space between the teeth so that the adult tooth has room to come in.
c.) Space maintainers, like braces, need to be cleaned and maintained so that you can have an amazing adult smile.

So, whenever a tooth needs some extra superhero strength and protection, that's when the stainless steel crowns come to the rescue!

What is the benefit of having a board certified pediatric dentist near Fall River, MA place a space maintainer?

Having a board-certified pediatric dentist place a space maintainer comes with several benefits:

a.) Expertise in Pediatric Dentistry: Dr. Daniel Gonzalez, a board-certified pediatric dentist, has specialized training in treating children's dental needs. He understands the unique aspects of children's dental health, behavior, and development, ensuring a more tailored and child-friendly approach.
b.) Experience with Primary Teeth: We are experienced in working with baby teeth, including placing space maintainers. They know how to handle the specific challenges associated with children's dental care.
c.) Child-Friendly Environment: SHIELD Pediatric Dentistry is designed to create a comfortable and friendly environment for children. The staff is trained to communicate with kids effectively, helping them feel at ease during dental procedures.
d.) Behavior Management Techniques: We are skilled in using behavior management techniques to ensure cooperation from young patients. This is crucial when placing space maintainers, as it helps reduce anxiety and makes the experience more positive for the child.
e.) Focus on Preventive Care: At SHIELD Pediatric Dentistry, we emphasize preventive care, aiming to address dental issues early and promote good oral health habits. Placing space maintainers is often part of a comprehensive approach to preserving space for adult dentition and preventing further problems.
f.) Understanding Growth and Development: At SHIELD Pediatric Dentistry, we have a deep understanding of children's dental growth and development. This knowledge allows them to make decisions about when and how to use space maintainers to best support a child's oral health.

In summary, having a board-certified pediatric dentist in Westport, MA place a space maintainer ensures that the procedure is carried out by a professional with specific expertise in pediatric dental care, creating a positive and effective experience for the child.